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Do you trust your body ?

I have spent over half my life trying to manipulate my shape, forcing my body into a mold that it didnt want to fit.

”Set point theory states that our bodies have a preset weight baseline hardwired into our DNA. According to this theory, our weight and how much it changes from that set point might be limited. The theory says some of us have higher weight set points than others and our bodies fight to stay within these ranges.”

Learning about set point weight theory really helped me understand the wisdom of the human body. By trying to manipulate my body weight I had caused an internal crisis. My hormones stopped functioning as they should, my internal heart regulation had been set to ice cold and my digestion and metabolism had slowed to a near stop.


To stop me dying.

All those symptoms where just a result of my body trying to conserve precious energy I wasn't putting in with food.

If you ”fail” a diet -chances are, your body was fighting a sudden lack of food. The same goes for binging and resticting in eating disorders. The more you restrict, the more your body wants to combat that.

We are made to fight famine.

Set point weight takes away the guilt and responsibility around weight. If your body is largely determined by genetics and you are eating in tune with your body (in recovery with your meal plan) your body will find it's happy weight and everything will be okay.

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