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             My name is Eleanor Loseby, I am a freelance artist and published children’s book illustrator from the UK. After a 10 ten year battle with Anorexia Nervosa, I have designed an illustrated workbook to help others through this difficult time. 

.Dawn is a fully illustrated workbook, journal and online support system for people in eating disorder recovery.  By combining workbook exercises, expert therapeutic advice and the support of a safe online community I hope to address the gap in some current treatment plans while allowing a space for people to work through difficult emotions.

In essence, this is the workbook I wish had existed in the depths of my illness.

Sending you so much love,

Ellie x

Welcome lovely!

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                       Hi! My name is Triss. I am a 28 year old female diagnosed with severe anorexia-restricting type. I have been in hospital and inpatient treatment for my disorder, and through it all, I have found that journaling has been something that has been, and remains, crucial to my recovery.


In journaling, I have been able to put some of the chaos in my mind, that drives my disorder, to rest. Journaling has allowed me to recognize patterns of thoughts and behaviors that have been driving and keeping my eating disorder alive. Writing down my thoughts and keeping a food diary, together, were also a great resource when in therapy or doctors appointments. It gave my team an insight into what I was experiencing. Because of this, I was able to get the help I needed to start my journey toward recovery. It can be so difficult to express our needs to others. Especially out loud, and even more so when we are struggling.


One of the other great aspects about journaling during the Recovery process is looking back and seeing how far you have come. It is so easy to focus on how far we have to go, that seeing how far we have come gets lost. Journalling allows us to stop and celebrate those victories, too. 



A journal specifically tailored for eating disorders could, quite literally, save lives. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses. Beyond this journal being a useful resource for patients or people experiencing eating disorders, it can be so useful to treatment facilities and doctors when trying to help treat these illnesses.


This is the journal I wish existed when I was curled up on the floor, thinking things would never, ever get better. This is the journal I wished existed when I was trying so hard to shrink myself into nothing. This is the journal the world needs.



         Finding out about Dawn on Facebook led me to finding the best and most lovely support group I can ever ask for in my personal Eating Disorder recovery. The members of the Instagram support group are always there no matter what time you need just someone to listen to you rant, to listen to the fears I have around certain meals or any discomfort I am feeling.


No matter how small you think your problems are, no one ever dismisses your feelings and all of them make the effort to make me feel better all the time.


I am grateful for this community that I have found through Dawn. I am especially thankful for the creator of all of this, Eleanor Loseby for all her effort in making the journal, the support groups and also for all her videos and illustrations. She’s the most lovely human you can ever ask for and I’m eternally grateful to have got to know her.


              I love the idea of having a group chat because not only does it make you feel less alone, it’s very encouraging. If others are fighting too- you are less likely to give up. Everyone on there is incredible and have helped me lots and made me feel better. I really appreciate you making the group- it has helped me in more ways than you could imagine. Ed recovery can be very taboo, it makes me feel loved and supported because I can’t talk to friends and family about it- because eating disorders are a hard thing to understand for most.



Thank you for subscribing!

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